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In less than two decades we have seen the evolution of IoT to IIoT to Industry 4.0 and a constant need to develop solutions to new challenges and possibilities. There is great potential for innovation especially in the field of industrial automation, when it comes to optimizing the efficiency of production processes and man-machine interaction.

Since the introduction IoT technologies into our private lives many concepts of industrial automation are also of interest to the consumer market. Our customers are confronted with not only intelligently controlling and monitoring their machines with real-time networks, but also providing an intuitive user experience to their end consumer, machine operators and maintenance departments, especially when it comes to the small screens of mobile devices.

With a team of technical experts, INCHSTONE offers our support and services in a wide spectrum of technologies for projects that need specialized skill sets such as embedded software development and M2M communication protocols; as well as wider skill sets like firmware development, cloud integration and native and cross-platform mobile applications.

​Your software partner for multiple technologies!

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Electronic, Embedded & Firmware

  • C/C++
  • IEC61131
  • Realtime
  • Linux RTOS

INCHSTONE supports you in development for embedded devices with or without operating systems and having small SOCs with a few kB of memory as well as powerful multicore systems with real-time Linux.

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  • PLC
  • HMI
  • Drives
  • Sensors

INCHSTONE team has several years of hands-on experience in the automation sector; be it sequence programming or motion control or integration of safety standards; as well as
the visualization in automated industrial plants and buildings.

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Industrial Communication

  • OPC UA
  • Ethernet Powerlink
  • Ethernet IP
  • Modbus TCP

We at INCHSTONE have experience with many industrial communication protocols and technologies. This includes the integration of stacks for established industrial (real-time) protocols. We have the know-how to master the handling of hard real-time requirements in suitable network systems.

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Cloud Services

  • Cloud Connectivity (MQTT,etc)
  • IoT-Platformen (AWS, Azure,etc)
  • Machine Learning/AI

INCHSTONE is experienced in implementing solutions using different IoT platforms and the connection with cloud services via various protocols such as MQTT, Websockets, Coap, etc.
We also have experience with Deep Learning algorithms that have helped us realize projects requiring identification and classification.

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Mobile Platforms

  • iOS & Android
  • Windows Phone: SDK/.NET

Together with our technology partners we have the experience in creating mobile apps for the simple yet sophisticated user experience of highly complex tasks. The development can begin with the creation of the ergonomic UI concepts and, depending on the requirements, lead to implementation as a native, web, hybrid, or a cross-platform app.


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