We support our customers with custom development for their use case.

Embedded & Firmware Development

INCHSTONE supports you in embedded development for small SOCs with a few kB of memory as well as powerful multicore systems with real-time Linux.

Automation, Machine Learning & AI

INCHSTONE has many years of experience in the automation sector. Besides the classical disciplines like PLC programming and motion control, we also do object identification and classification using neural networks and deep learning algorithms.

Edge – Cloud Connectivity

We at INCHSTONE have experience with industrial communication protocols and technologies, including the integration of stacks for established industrial (real-time) protocols like OPC UA, Ethernet IP, or Modbus TCP.

Internet of Things / Industrial IoT Integration

INCHSTONE is open to different IoT platforms and offers ready-to-use microservices for faster implementation. Our ready-to-use Sithara IoT App supports various protocols including BLE, MQTT and OPC UA so it can acquire, and relay data from various sources, including legacy equipment.

Mobile Apps & Web Dashboards

One of INCHSTONE’s strengths is the design and development of cross-platform apps (Android, IOS, Windows, Phones, Tablets). We offer the full development process from concept to release, but we can also support your established development team to integrate our technology. Depending on the requirements, we can use ready-made Sithara IoT components to reduce development time and effort.

With Sithara IoT, we offer a ready-to-use software building blocks that can be customized and white-labeled for your use case


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